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Tyrion Lannister Wallpapers

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Tyrion Lannister (also known by the nicknames the Halfman or the Imp and the alias Hugor Hill) is a fictional character in the A Song of Ice and Fire series of epic fantasy novels by American author George R. R. Martin, and its television adaptation Game of Thrones, where he is portrayed by American actor Peter Dinklage. Introduced in A Game of Thrones (1996), Tyrion is a prominent point of view character in the series, having the most viewpoint chapters in the first five published novels.

Let me give you some advice, bastard. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.

Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face.

I try to know as many people as I can. You never know which one you’ll need.

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